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About Expose Mystery Shoppers

The modern way of doing business is quality-oriented. Be it quality of a final product or a quality of service. The more the global market gets globalized, the more the standards are growing. 

Regular quality assessment of running business processes is no more sufficient to evaluate the clients’ satisfaction and efficiency of business management. In the modern world, undercover inspections proved to be an efficient method to investigate how the business entities work. 

Our company proposes a set of solutions and IT apps that will help you to see how your business is managed. No matter the industry, mystery shopping or undercover services prove to be efficient.

To help businesses grow faster and in a more efficient way, we elaborated apps that make it possible to optimize traditional methods of market research and business inspection.

The accuracy of data we derive is more precise than the known techniques can propose. We offer a unique service and do believe that a complex approach is a mandatory step to shape businesses for better.  

Our company offers a customized solution for every client. The final business offer is elaborated, considering the size of the business, its specifics research goals. 

For an in-depth understanding of the present state of your business affairs, choose Expose software.

Mystery shopping services


Mystery shopping is a service that helps to shift a regular way of services provision. The mystery shoppers will investigate what the current state of your business is, providing you with clear feedback on employee’s proficiency, customer service and points of the sales presentation.


Undercover services

The most efficient way to understand how your organization is managed on each structural level is to employ the undercover worker. We carefully select such candidates to make them become a part of your company and investigate the current state of affair.


Knowing your competition is a must to succeed in business. The competition is never constant. To know more on key market players and the nearest competition we offer the service called “Competitors”. Our research on competitors includes a price structure report and overall organizational structure analysis. 

With our strong analysis and a proficient business approach, we are able not only to identify the problematic areas of your business but also to find effective solutions. 

Expose is a part of L.M. International Group. The company operates 35 offices nationwide to provide efficient HR solutions for every business

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